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December 30, 2007

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Zane09 (born July 2nd, 1991) was born to parents and fellow forums members Chopstix and Liongirl.

The Legend of the birth of ZaneEdit

Legend has it that shortly after Zane's birth Chopstix went into some sort of gay rage and hurled baby Zane from Texas all the way to Alabama. Zane's landing was cushioned by a passing Girl Scout troop. After baby Zane consumed the crushed girl scout troop for sustenance, he crawled for two miles until he reached a house and he would take the residents of his house to be his new parents. Sixteen years later Zane would track down his real father on the Nintendo forums.

The BeardEdit

Zane is the host for The Beard. One day The Beard will rule over all things.


Recently Zane was promoted to Sage. The reason for that still eludes him.


Now Zane09 was a mod, and just like when he was promoted to Sage, certain people were not happy with it.