I will eat your soul.

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Feb 4, 2011







VelvetLightning or VL is a pink admin of supreme pinkness on the NF forums.

She is 19, her real name is Alani, and she lives in bum fuck southern Louisiana in the depts of 'da swamp'. She rides a pirouge (which is a canoe to the rest of the world) down the bayou to get places and accesses the internets with her gator skin laptop. (from a gator she killed with her bare hands.)

She somehow got saged in a matter of months and embraced the awesome with open arms. She somehow flew up the ranks to Admin and now enjoys her red username, which was once the sam as LG's, who is amazing.

She loves Icecatraz, pink, Popeyes, Princess Peach, and Liongirl (who shares her love of boobs)

She hates peas and pork.

Delirium is her rival who she always defeats at all things.

Zane09 is her favorite LUMBERJACK who loves to pick on her.

RiddleOfRevenge was once her mod in crime, and together they roamed the lands curing AIDS and cancer with their mod awesomeness.

IceCatraz is jelly of VL at all times. But she still loves him alot. <3