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Underdog Ash is a member of the Nintendo Forums. Her real name is Ash Burgess and she resides in Newark, Ohio. Currently, she is attending The Ohio University Newark campus and majoring in English. However, that is due to change.

Personal LifeEdit

Ash was born June 19th, 1991 in Columbus, Ohio. Seven years later, her family moved to Newark, Ohio. A tiny, dumb city of white kids that think they're black and hillbillies. Ash was picked on a lot, so she prefers to keep to herself.

For over two years, Ash has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. She started to show signs at the age of twelve, but didn't seek help until her junior year of high school. Her mental illness caused her to go into an all time low and caused her to miss school for two weeks and lose her position as field commander for her high school marching band. Her peers didn't quite understand what depression was as a real illness and picked on her. Thus, Ash's personal mission is to make people aware of how people with this mental illness feel and act.


Since she was six, Ash has been writing non-stop. She hopes to one day publish a novel.

On the internet, she writes fanfiction. Her current work is A World of My Owna cross-over series set in the Nintendo Universe. The first book, My Beginning, is almost finished. The fanfiction fits under the generes of Epic, Humor, and Adventure.