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The glaze little boys everywhere fear and long for

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January 29, 2005

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Sontailsic is currently an administrator for the Nforums. He enjoys spending his days pwning noobs in real life football(soccer), Call of Duty, Gears, and FIFA. Another of his favorite passtimes is arguing with Zane about something or other. He has been known to take long extended breaks from the forums. Recently he has hurt him self playing football. Probably from making a noob mistake because of his extreme noobyness.

This vagina likes to touch himself to little boys.

"Mmmmmm, look at that sexy 11 year old boy butt..." - Kez


  • He brought us Katz
  • Achieved the Admin rank
  • The first named general of the beard
  • He has been here for, like, forever.

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