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Sarah has been a member of Nintendo Forums since 2008, and though she isn't very active - she continually contributes to the forums by making custom themes, with help from Delirium, and graphics.


Sarah has been a long time contributor to Nintendo Forums; with help of administrator Delirium, they have made eight themes for NF including: Nintendite (a basic red/white theme based on the Mario mushroom), Wiisteria (a blue/white theme with a Wii scheme), Retro (a theme based on the NES controller and NF's first dark theme), Yoshi's Island (based on the SNES video game with the same name), Pokeball (based on a Pokeball), Metroid:CORRUPTION (black/blue theme featuring corrupted Samus), Hylian Forces (based on the Hylian Sheild and Master Sword from Zelda) and finally, Jungle Japes (based on DK:Country).

She's also made other contributions such as the new member ranks.