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October 23, 2008.

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Picklegod (member #11349) joined Nintendo Forums on October 23, 2008.

Though only joining out of boredom one night, he soon became a regular poster. He is NF's most enthusiastic Bioshock player, and a not-so prolific writer. He joined October 23, 2008. He has achieved the rank of Ing since then. He is thought of as one of NF's most experienced members.

Creative WritingEdit

Though often short lived, Picklegod occasionally posts stories. Despite a love for story telling, he'll readily admit that his writing is less than wonderful. His most recent and longest running story is "The Hunter." Other stories include "The Legendary Hero" and "Welcome to Eden." Both of these stories remain unfinished. When he does write, it is often a fantasy adventure story.

List of storiesEdit

The Hunter

Welcome to Eden

The Legendary Hero