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Unsound M (Once known as Mario Freak, Mfreak, M, and Ben) is a member who has been on the forums since he first joined on September 9th 2007. He is known mostly for his many contributions (some not so good) to the art and writing sections of the forums.

Not to much is known about Unsound M. He seems to be rather unstable and can't always distinguish between reality and the many stories he writes. He also seems to have a thing for sprites, that he himself can't seem to explain. He likes hats, especially when they are on his head. He also has a really bad habit of ending sentences with more than one period, as if to emphasize the fact that his statement is over...


He was voted as Best Writer on N-Forums back during the Summer Awards, but has since stopped writing for no apparent reason. His most well known works have been Vrykolakas, NV, Conversation with a Madman, and a Mario Fan Fiction. He had entered multiple writer of the month contests, and has won once.

Sprites and Pixel ArtEdit

He is most renowned for his spritework, which ranges from simple edits of preexisting sprites to ones made by him from scratch. He is known to take requests, and has made custom sprites for many of the members of N-Forums. Being that N-Forums is the place where he first started spriting, he tends to make them for free, although he has never been one to turn down a donation. Link which directs you to his current sprite creating topic.

Bleak the Demon ComicsEdit

One of M's many creations is the comic series Bleak the Demon. The comics follow Bleak, and many of his friends including the Grim Reaper and Satan himself as they do strange things on Earth or in one of its many afterlife realms. The comic in its entirety can be found here. Bleak the Demon

Wiki ContributorEdit

As of April 11th 2010 MFreak has become one of the members in charge of managing this wiki. His main duties include checking up on the day to day edits that take place, as well as editing articles (usually by adding info bars and galleries where needed). He enjoys this job, and can be described as enthusiastic about it.