There have been many important events over the course of NF history. Some of them are recorded here.

The WipeoutEdit

Ever noticed how so many members joined on October 17, 2008? That was the day NF was reborn. Three days or so before that, NF expierienced a mass wipeout which took the forum essentially back to June of that year.

Techinal Mumbo Jumbo about why Zeta Boards crashed.

Many members returned to the site to find an error code. People panicked at the thought of no NF. Some members contacted others through the IRC or through MSN or AIM instant messengers. When the forum was reinstated, members had no idea what to think. Should the people that were deleted remake their old accounts? Would they get their nintendollars and awards back? People panicked.

Eventually NF got through this hard time with an influx of new members like Picklegod, Xreaper, and Cpt.Olimar. The old posts were replaced with new and the board flourished.

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