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July 11, 2006

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Fire Kirby is a member who joined on July 11, 2006. She hasn't been seen at all in recent years, but her many contributions to the N-Forums community make her a member that is still fondly remembered to this day. These contributions include her hand drawn comic, The Adventures of Yoshi , as well as he many drawing and sprites.

Adventures of YoshiEdit

One of Fire Kirby's most memorable creations was a comic entitled The Adventures of Yoshi. It followed the story of Yoshi as he, accompanied by a group of lovable toads and Yoshi, set out to stop Bowser and his many minions. The comic reached 4 books, and over 130 pages before the updates came to a halt.

Fire Kirby Shop O' StuffEdit

Although now closed, Fire Kirby once operated one of the most successful shops on N-Forums. She sold things like Virtual Cards, Luma Emoticons, Mini Sprites, Userbars, and custom drawings. The shop itself reached 13 pages of posts.